Why Maintenance Care?

Did you ever wonder why everyone preaches Maintenance Care?

Chiropractic Maintenance or Wellness Care makes a lot of sense. It’s much easier to keep patients well then to fix them when they fall apart. I go to my Chiropractor every month without fail. I’m bending over my patients every day and I have to take care of my spine too. There is no way I can treat my patients if I don’t keep my spine healthy.

There are many good clinical reasons to keep up with Maintenance Chiropractic Treatments. Here are a few of them:

1) Poor Posture Habits – contributes to pain and spinal problems

2) Workplace Ergonomics – improper work stations lead to pain and possible injury

3) Don’t get enough exercise – can’t hold alignment if the muscles are weak,  will lead to spinal problems

4) No stretching – susceptible to injury, hard to adjust when inflexible

5) Past Back Surgeries – prone to deteriorate & future back problems

6) High Stress – tight muscles, prone to headaches, postural troubles

7) Bad Diet – prone to headaches, weight gain leading to back problems

8) History of Back Problems – prone to having re-aggravation and recurrence

9) Scoliosis- always out of balance, need to monitor curve regression

10) Overweight – prone to back problems

11) Diabetes – prone to neuropathies, headaches, may be overweight

12) Heart Disease – back problems may mask other problems

13) Pregnancy – prone to back problems

14) Immunosuppressed – spinal adjustments boost immunity

15) Children – heavy backpacks, active lifestyle, sports, growing pains

16) Compulsive “Self-Poppers” – real problems are not being addressed

17) Smokers – damaging discs may leave them prone to deterioration

18) Medications – may be masking pain, causing joint, muscle & nerve problems, headaches

19) Arthritis – lack of spinal motion will further deteriorate joints

20) Desk Jockeys & Video Gamers – prone to carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, headache & postural problems

If you haven’t been treated in a while, make an appointment today. Don’t wait for things to fall apart and get bad again. Chiropractic Maintenance and Wellness Care works!

Remember, the 5 most dangerous words are: “Maybe It Will Go Away!”  

Be well…

Dr. Joe FitzPatrick
Acton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

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