World Series Prediction

So what do this weeks two World Series teams have in common?


Both the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals have Doctors of Chiropractic on their medical staff. In fact, every major league baseball team has a Chiropractor on their staff including Dr. Richard Green for the Red Sox and Dr. Alex Vidan for the Cardinals.

Not only can Chiropractic treatments prevent and heal injuries when they occur…they also help improve athletic performance. Just ask Josh Hamilton, Cole Hamells, Johnny Damon and Wade Boggs.

This years World Series teams are so evenly matched, I predict that the winner will be the team with the best Chiropractor.

A good referral for me are athletes who play competitive sports, whether they are students or adults, amateurs or professionals.

Dr. Joe FitzPatrick

Acton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation




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