Super Bowl Chiropractors

So what did this year’s two Super bowl teams have in common?

Both the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens have Doctors of Chiropractic on their staff.

Every team in the NFL currently has a Chiropractor on their Staff and what a great testimonial that is to the value of chiropractic. Not only can Chiropractic treatment heal and prevent injuries, it can also help improve athletic performance. Just ask Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith and Joe Montana.

In fact this year’s teams were so evenly matched, I think the winner came down to which team had the better Chiropractor.

A good referral for me are athletes who play competitive sports whether they are students or adults, amateur or professional.

And remember the 5 most dangerous words are: “Maybe It Will Go Away.”

Dr Joe FitzPatrick

Acton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

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